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Your Path to Financial Wellness: Golden Nuggets

As you may have read over the last couple of months, earlier this year saw the release of my third book, “Why Can’t I Be a Millionaire? You Can! And Here’s How!”

It aims to provide a route to millionaire status and abundance for budding entrepreneurs or those looking to gain more financial freedom in their lives.

Over the next few weeks, this short series of articles will deliver insights from the book to help you achieve a sense of peace and control when it comes to your personal finances.

It feels especially significant to be sharing these tips during the turbulent times we are currently weathering. I hope you enjoy the series!

The Golden Nuggets – Core Principles

For the first instalment, I’m focussing on the Golden Nuggets. This chapter came about after interviewing the eight self-made millionaires who feature in the Case Studies section. It became apparent that there were common themes between their stories. These collectively became the core principles; a starting place for anyone wanting to begin their journey to millionaire status.

Don’t be discouraged if your career isn’t what you imagined

Many of the millionaires interviewed ended up with careers that weren’t what they’d dreamed of doing when they were younger. Some found their niche quickly, while others moved from job to job. You may be reading this and feeling unsure about the path you’re on.

The key thing to remember is not to be discouraged if you aren’t where you thought you’d be yet. Passion should never be underestimated, though, so if you’re not inspired by what you do, it could be time for a change of role or a tweak of responsibilities to attain this.

Never underestimate the power of hard work

This one speaks for itself and sounds obvious, I know. But, especially in today’s fast-moving instantaneous world, it is surprising how many people think success could be achieved by doing the bare minimum.

A strong work ethic will be invaluable at all stages of life and in all areas, too. As I state in my book, be prepared to work hard and put the hours in. Don’t expect success if you’re not willing to work for it.

Don’t fear looking close to home for inspiration

Many of the millionaires I spoke to were inspired by family members or those around them. It is wonderful to source inspiration in this way, where we can see the positive impact that the steps they have taken have had on their life.

Seeking inspiration from those close to us or even from people in our communities (it doesn’t have to come from relations), can give us a boost that is perhaps more relatable with our own situation.

Back good people (including yourself!)

In my book, there are several references to backing good people. This involves having the right team around you who you trust. It’s also important to be able to check in and trust your own instincts, too.

Nurture talent when you see it, support loyal employees and hopefully you’ll retain the best people around you.

Be yourself

A quote from my book illustrates this point: The third-class mind follows the herd; the second-class mind follows the minority; but the first-class mind goes it alone.

Don’t be afraid of being yourself. Imitation may come across as flattery but you lose the opportunity to build integrity and credibility in your own right.

The power of positive thinking

I believe positivity is vital for happiness and success in all areas of life, and business is no exception. Some of those I interviewed spoke highly of the importance of having both a bright outlook and building positive working relationships.

The right mindset may help us have the best possible chance of success. Similarly, a negative mindset may result in a negative outcome. It’s not about being happy all the time. But being goal-orientated, focused and optimistic in general may help you get to where you want to be quicker, with a more positive journey along the way.

Be prepared to take risks

The last core principle I found was the need to be prepared to take calculated risks. Taking such risks is a part of everyday life and often we have to make life decisions by weighing up the benefits versus what we may potentially lose.

Of course, it’s essential we never take any risks that we feel uncomfortable with. But if we want to achieve growth of any kind, sometimes a level of risk may need to be taken, be it moving to a new role, starting a business or beginning to invest.

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of the ‘Your Path to Financial Wellness’ series. Next time, I’ll be taking a look at some future trends to observe.

To discover more tips and insights, you can purchase my book here. All profits will be donated to The Pied Piper Appeal.



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