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Brian Morman interviewed by Julie Kent MBE on ‘Julie’s Jukebox’

In a recent captivating interview on Severn FM’s popular radio show ‘Julie’s Jukebox,’ Brian engaged in an enlightening conversation with host Julie Kent MBE.

They delved into various aspects, including Brian’s upbringing and his beginnings at Brunsdon Financial, his memorable charitable motorbike rides on Route 66, and his unwavering commitment to philanthropy.

During the interview, they also explored the contents of Brian’s latest book, “Why Can’t I Be a Millionaire? You Can! And Here’s How!”, shedding light on its profound message. Notably, the proceeds from the book sales contribute to ‘Emily’s Gift,’ an inspiring appeal launched by Julie Kent MBE under the Pied Piper Charity.

The aim of ‘Emily’s Gift’ is to raise £500,000 by March 10, 2024, to fund the employment of a psychologist for children and their families undergoing cancer treatment at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

By dedicating the proceeds to ‘Emily’s Gift,’ Brian not only imparts invaluable financial wisdom through his book but also contributes to a tangible impact in the lives of children in need.

To listen to this captivating interview between Julie and Brian on ‘Julie’s Jukebox,’ visit and click on the ‘Listen Again’ button.

To discover more tips and insights, you can purchase my book here. All proceeds will be donated to Emily's Gift.



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