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Brian Meets His Health Idols at the "Eat Well, Sleep Better, Live Longer" Tour!

Brian, recently had a starstruck moment when he attended the opening night of Dr. Michael Mosley and Dr. Clare Bailey's "Eat Well, Sleep Better, Live Longer" tour at the Cheltenham Town Hall.

The much-anticipated show marks the first time the husband-and-wife health experts have teamed up for a live tour, and Brian was thrilled to be among the audience.

Dr. Mosley and Dr. Bailey are household names in the UK, known for their bestselling books like "The Fast 800," award-winning TV programs like "Trust Me I'm a Doctor," and popular podcast "Just One Thing." Their combined expertise in health and wellness has impacted the lives of millions, and Brian, a long-time admirer of their work, was keen to see them live.

The show, described as "informative, entertaining, and highly interactive," lived up to its billing. Dr. Mosley and Dr. Bailey shared their latest health tips, conducted live cooking demonstrations, and even offered behind-the-scenes glimpses of their upcoming TV series. The focus throughout was on empowering the audience to make simple changes that can lead to significant improvements in their physical and mental well-being.

The "Eat Well, Sleep Better, Live Longer" tour is currently crisscrossing the UK, and Brian encourages anyone with an interest in improving their health and well-being to catch a show if they can at




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