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Revitalising your Mojo – Carpe Diem, seize the day!

This little Latin phrase can be applied to many situations. But to a pandemic? Surely not. Well, actually, why not?

This month I’m discussing how the adversity of the last couple of years has brought about great examples of those making the best of a difficult situation and rising up to the challenges presented.

Seizing the day may seem like a struggle as we’ve faced the difficulties that have emerged along with Covid-19. I’m sure we all know many people (myself included) who have had to cancel various celebrations, travel plans, miss various concerts or sports events and stay away from loved ones.

Innovating with the times

Despite that, there have been creative examples of adapting to the “new world” around us. Amazon and other major retailers have seen orders for home delivery soar and have been able to cater to these accordingly.

However, I personally have been more impressed with the tenacity of small local businesses who have had to alter their operations to stay in the game. This could have been done by creating an online presence or a home delivery service for the first time.

Developing new passions

Group sport was banned during the lockdowns and local communities would have felt the negative effect of this. However, many turned to new ways of keeping fit instead. It was reported that 1.3 million people bought a bicycle during the first lockdown[1]. As well as this, there was an increase in walking for leisure and running, too[2].

Online exercise classes became hugely popular with a diverse range of activities on offer, thanks in part to the ever-popular Joe Wicks.

New ways of working

Of course, the pandemic has meant that many companies were forced to adopt working from home strategies and embrace online business in a way that they may not have needed to before.

There is now a greater normality in attending events and courses online, something which I think will only continue into the future. I know I find it much easier to log into an event on my laptop compared to getting in the car and driving 100 miles to it.

Online learning opportunities have also increased and many entrepreneurs and freelancers have been able to continue with their business, just in a different format. I can give a great example of this; a friend of mine started to deliver music lessons online and sold more than €1 million worth between April and May 2020 alone!

Demonstrating resilience

These examples highlight to me the incredible resilience of people and the determination to succeed. Often the easier option could be to hide away when facing troubled times. However, looking for opportunities in times of adversity could have a positive impact on your mojo and the world around you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s instalment to my money and wellness series. For the next article, we’ll be looking at thinking big and bold!

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